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Great variety and top quality

Surgery is an extremely wide-ranging medical speciality: injured body parts are put back together, diseased organs partially or completely removed, congested organ systems are made passable, new organs or prostheses are implanted. These important, often life-saving operations would be unthinkable without the right instruments. We at DUFNER supply these instruments. In great variety and top quality.

The history of medical instruments goes back a very long time. While in the past natural materials such as, for example, stones or bone were used, today's instruments are made of stainless steel. Our delivery programme includes instruments for almost all surgical operations. We at DUFNER offer our customers long-standing experience, expertise, flexibility and an outstanding product quality "Made in Germany".

  • Highly accurate spring scissors and ring handle models
  • Tweezers with flat and round handles
  • Acland micro vascular clamps and flexible clamps, bulldog clamps made of titanium and steel
  • Needle holders with a diamond coating

Our delivery programme in the field of gynaecology includes unique scissors and clamp models. The Z clamps are a particular speciality of DUFNER.

DUFNER offers a wide range of plastic & aesthetic instruments:

  • Unique fat suction cannulae with Clicasept click fastening
  • Suction cannulae for sweat glands and the neck area
  • Special instrument set for blepharoplasty
  • Areola markers and mammoplasty retractors
  • Titanium tweezers, Ciradur tweezers and Ciradur scissors
  • Diamond-tipped nose rasps
  • Endo-facelift instrument kits

In the field of high-frequency surgery, we also offer top quality – from work tips and the sides up to the connecting plug. Bipolar anti-stick tweezers, an extensive range of cables and electrodes. Our range of goods and services for this demanding segment wins over domestic and international customers.

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